q Learn more about the military. Decide if you’re ready to join, and discuss your decision with a parent or guardian.

q Go to

q Choose the right path for you. Talk to those that know you – talk to those that have knowledge of the armed forces that you know and trust. Be informed.

q Meet with a recruiter. We can help you do this through our office if you would like to be connected.

q Take the ASVAB (Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery). Go to Your recruiter will help you with this.
        Check out this apps below - ASVAB practice tests for IPads and IPhones:

q Request final transcript in May.



Branch Contact Information:

U.S. Army                                 1.800.USA.ARMY

Army National Guard   1.800.GO.GUARD

U.S. Navy                                       1.800.USA.NAVY

U.S. Air Force                          1.800.423.USAF

U.S. Marine Corps                    1.800.MARINES

U.S. Coast Guard          1.800.424.8883