Entering Workforce

Decide what type of work you would like to pursue.


q Visit these websites for information and job searches in the area:








q Create a resume (we have an example or can help if you need).


q Find references to include on your resume. (Make sure you ask someone’s permission

before including them as a reference). Make your reference list diverse as possible (a coach, a teacher, a club advisor, a family friend).


q Look for job openings on website listed above or internships on www.internships.com; or

apprenticeships on http://www.iowaworkforce.org/apprenticeship/; attend career fairs and search want ads.


q Complete and submit applications. Be mindful of how you are filling out applications. This

is your first impression to an employer. Keep it clean and neat. Picking up applications – dress as if you are going on an interview.


q Prepare for interviews by researching potential employers so you can ask 3 questions

during the interview.


q Interview. Before interviewing, know what to wear, arrive early, and bring a resume.


q Make sure to end a thank you note or email after the interview.