Application Process

College Applications
Research colleges and visit. When you find a college or university that looks interesting to you, write it down. Some website let you create a list of colleges that you want to mark and keep on your list for future reference like  Some other sites to look at for exploring colleges:

Apply Online: Decide on your top 3-5 colleges that you would like to submit applications. Almost every school prefers an online application. Many colleges you can save your work, but many you cannot. Be as prepared as possible before starting the application. Some things you might want to have ready is a history of your classes and grades, activities (positions held and dates involved), your social security number, and a method of payment.

Some schools might require additional materials including: essays and letters of recommendation.

  • Essays: see your school counselor for advice on how to proceed if needed.
  • Recommendations: Ask your recommender before proceeding if you can use them as a reference.

4-year college/university
2-year college/university
  • ACCUPLACER or COMPASS (given at the college; check with college for which one they accept)

Transcripts: Official transcripts can be requested by filling out the yellow form found in both the School Counseling Office and Business Office, then returned to the Business Office. At the end of the year, another form will need to be filled out for Finals Transcripts to be sent.


Checklist for applying to colleges/universities:

¨ Submit Application
¨ Submit Testing
            -Counselor/Teacher Recommendations
            -Essay/Resume/Other documents requested
                     ¨ Pay Fee

                     ¨ Send Transcript