Year of the Dog

Psychics' fearless forecasts for the Year of the Dog seem to be holding out.

You'll recall that a number of them painted a bleak scenario for the (Chinese lunar) year, including unheard of disasters/calamities striking the country.

One happened a couple of weeks ago -- that stampede for the live anniversary telecast of the popular ABS-CBN Channel 2 noontime audience participation program that killed over 70 people.

I couldn't help but squirm in my seat while watching CNN's report of the incident. It's not just the brutality of it all. It's the reason why thousands of Filipinos converged in one place to elbow, shove and trample each other -- the prospect of receiving instant money. That, and the macabre scene of a stadium full of impatient people waiting for the program to start despite the tragedy that had just taken place outside. Embarrassing!

Then just last night, I sat transfixed as a coverage of another disaster unfolded on the TV screen -- an entire barangay in Samar literally  wiped off the map by a huge mudslide that resulted from days of incessant rains. Three thousand residents feared dead with rescuers understandably confused about where/how/with what to start their retrieval operations.

Makes you wonder what will come next... and the (Chinese lunar) year has just begun!

With man and nature collaborating to mess up the lives of Filipinos, I wouldn't want to be in GMA's little shoes.

I wonder if any psychic ever saw a snap election happening this (Chinese lunar) year -- with the opposition fielding a sure win tandem of Pacquiao for president and Revillame for vice president perhaps?

Heaven forbid! That would mean the country going to the dogs in this Year of the Dog.

[February 15, 2006]