Walang kaluluwa!

Something's very wrong.

Walang mga batang nangangaluluwa! That never happened before! Where have they gone?!

About a week before Halloween, children would usually make the rounds of the city streets night after night, singing -- shouting would be more like it -- the traditional pangangaluluwa song offkey in front of people's houses before banging their gates to ask for alms -- the version in this part of the Third World of "trick or treat".

I never got to give coins to those kids as Max, my old pet dog, would interrupt their singing even before they reached the end of the first line by growling and barking at them which sent them scampering away.

I was counting on Max to do a reprise of his banishing act this year when he vanished a month ago after getting out of the yard to look for female dogs in heat. He never returned home. Probably got kidnapped by dog(meat) lovers. The lesson here: consorting with bitches can get you in trouble. And that certainly applies to humans, too.

Now, not only do I miss those brats and their off-key pangangaluluwa songs, I also miss my dog.

[October 31, 2006]