The 'Red Menace'

The Red Menace is creeping even in the farthest barangays of Nueva Ecija.

It permeates everything it passes -- store fronts, walls, fences, gates. Not choosy either -- be it wood, galvanized iron, concrete, or even split or woven bamboo. Nothing is too smooth, or too rough, or too old, or too rusty.

If this goes unstopped, Novo Ecijanos will one day wake up seeing red.

This great province, a key player in the 1896 Philippine Revolution, will someday turn from the patriotic red-white-and-blue into red-white-and- ... Coca-Cola!

Coke is it!  It has gone on a promotional rampage in the province on a scale never seen before, painting itself on sari-saris, turo-turos and ihaw-ihaws (is that an echo?).

Nothing original, really. Tide did it first, but only on fronts of selected sari-sari stores.  Never inside. Never on adjoining structures. And never on such a massive scale.

Poor Pepsi. By the time it tried to match what the competitor was doing, it immediately ran into serious trouble -- a shortage of unpainted sari-saris, turo-turos and ihaw-ihaws.

So next time you travel through Nueva Ecija, be forewarned. You'll behold a scenery in green (as in rice fields) and red (as in Coke).

Coke, you owe me for this. ;-)

[March 31, 2008]