The good old days

So as not to betray my age, I make it a point never to talk to young people about the time when:
  • as a kid, I would drop silver -- SILVER -- coins inside my piggy bank.
  • a bottle of Coke cost 10 centavos.
  • my weekly allowance in college was P30, yet I would regularly ride a taxi from where I lived in Project 4 to my school in Loyola Heights.
  • my mother, when she failed to go marketing because of the pressure of her work as a teacher, would apologize for the breakfast of Spanish sardines and huge pan de sals, or dinner of sautéed Target corned beef made in Argentina.
  • the fare from Gapan to Manila was P12.
  • one could get a copy of the Manila Times for 10 centavos.
  • few people had seen a P100 bill, and even fewer had one in their wallets.
  • the minimum wage was four pesos a day or P120 a month.
Sorry, but the kusing (half centavo) coin had been taken out of circulation by the time I was born.

Why do I suddenly feel nostalgic?

Rice and gasoline have shot through the P40 per kilo/per liter price, that's why.

Groceries worth P1,000 fit inside a medium sized plastic bag, that's why.

I get a five figure monthly salary (blush!) and my monthly bills and expenses total five figures, too, that's why.

I miss the good, old, simple, inexpensive days.  Don't you?

[April 15, 2008]