Rice and cats

On my way to work every morning, I feel depressed seeing tens of mothers/sisters/grandmas, obviously from nearby depressed areas from their looks, streaming out of the National Food Authority compound, each clutching three one-kilo packs of rice.

Each morning, I see them walking to NFA to buy just enough rice for the day's meals.

I won't be surprised if when classes open this June, mothers/grandmas/sisters who take children to school will have a second morning ritual --  a side trip to NFA to buy rice for the day.

I, who live alone, usually buy five kilos of rice at a time, good for two or three weeks even if shared with six fully grown cats and two kittens, all endowed with such amazing appetites.

The last time I bought senandomeng, it was at 38 pesos per kilo.

Lucky cats. Their master doesn't have to walk to NFA and back everyday for rice to cook and eat.

As for the mothers/sisters/grandmas I see at NFA every morning, I wonder if they even keep cats in their homes.

[May 15, 2008]