PBB-Election Edition

Let there be a Pinoy Big Brother-Election Edition with the housemates composed exclusively of all the senatorial candidates.

They will be kept in Big Brother's House for the duration of the 90 day campaign period, for all the electorates to see, hear and judge, 24/7.

Imagine Tessie, Loren and Nikki... Ping, Chavit and Joker... Mike, Chiz and Alan... and the rest of those colorful characters co-existing under one roof!

Big Brother will make them undertake numerous tasks to test their intelligence and emotional quotients, and physical stamina, too.

Every week, senatoriables who give dismal performances as identified by co-housemates and texters, will be expelled from the house until only twelve of them are left on the final day. Texters will then be asked to vote for the final dozen to determine their ranks.

The proclamation of the winners will be done by COMELEC commissioners, assisted by Geny Lopez, Charo Santos-Concio, Cory Vidanes and Endemol representatives, accompanied by the usual grand exits from Big Brother's house complete with confetti, fireworks and cheering supporters.

Definitely much less hectic and expensive than the usual campaign sorties but with far greater exposure for the candidates; better insights on each of them on the part of the electorate, too; and quite fast as the results will be known right on the final night.

No need to spend for the printing, delivery and safeguarding of ballots, or the hiring of teachers, election inspectors and watchers. Matipid! 

Why didn't COMELEC, ABS-CBN and Endemol think of that earlier?

[February 28, 2007]