Patay na, namerhuwisyo pa!

Where I live in Gapan, one can tally the number of funerals each day. 

It's hard to miss funeral corteges on their way to the church or the cemetery. They are almost always led by loud brass bands playing funebres, a town tradition dating back to the Spanish regime.

These days, funeral marches are also preceded by the piercing sound of sirens from the lead cars. Quite bothersome and truly inappropriate -- tacky! -- for an occasion that's meant to be sad and solemn.

The sirens accompanying funeral marches stopped for a while when President Noynoy criticized their misuse and abuse during his inaugural speech. These days, the sirens are back with a vengeance.

I don't mind hearing ambulance and firetruck sirens once in a while because truly, human lives are at stake during those times.  But sirens during funeral marches?!  What's so urgent about delivering dead persons to cemeteries??

I hope the Gapan City officials would tell owners of the many memorial homes here to stop using sirens during funerals so we, the living, could live in peace while they take their dead clients to rest in peace.

Josko, patay na nga, namemerhuwisyo pa!