Nothing simple

The killing of the Carranglan mayor by motorcycle-riding gunmen while he was in his vehicle on his way home makes one think of how criminals and terrorists have made our simple lives more complicated.

There's nothing simple about suffering the indignation of being searched, frisked or even disrobed when one just wants to enjoy a movie or shop at the mall, or attend the wedding reception of a relative in a plush hotel.

Nothing simple about having to carry or wear all sorts of IDs all the time, including one marked "Visitor" when all one wants to do is see a friend working in another office.

Nothing simple about driving a motorcycle -- that cheaper alternative to the car and faster alternative to the bicycle -- and having to stop at every checkpoint set up to thwart motorcycle-riding criminals.

Nothing simple about having to spend for all sorts of gears, gadgets  and personnel -- iron gates, window grills, steel vaults, CCTVs, security guards -- to prevent the intrusion by criminals of one's house or business, and as a result, having to carry a heavy bunch of keys all the time.

Nothing simple about having to lock up the house and yard when one needs to go to the neighborhood store.

Nothing simple about raising and feeding a pack of dogs to guard one's property.

Nothing simple about being automatically wary of other people around you who happen to be equally suspicious of you.

Nothing simple about having to remember all sorts of usernames and passwords to prevent the unwanted access of one's bank, internet and other accounts.

When will this mass paranoia brought about by criminality and terrorism end so we can all go back to being simple people living simple lives?

[February 15, 2012]