Love the son, love the mother

Love the son, love the mother.

I'm not referring to Jesus and Mary, but to Manny Pacquiao ("Pacman" to you) and his mother, Dionisia ("Diopac" to me).

That Pacman IS famous is a given. He couldn't have landed on the cover of Time Magazine this week if he's not. And with boxing fame came greater fame -- through movies, TV guesting, music recording and advertisements.

What most of us aren't prepared for is the sudden popularity/notoriety of Pacman's  Diopac.

At the start, she was just Pacman's mother, providing sound/video bits to newscasts after each of her famous son's famous fights.

Then came TV guestings when it was discovered that Diopac likes to dance and maintains a dance instructor. Then media became more and more curious about her lifestyle -- there she was, featured on a segment of  "Rated K", going to a wet market aboard a van with four uniformed security men, who dutifully formed a protective shield around her and even carried her bayong while she haggled with vendors and paid with crisp 500 peso bills. There she was, displaying her new jewelry and five figure (in pesos) genuine Christian Dior sunglasses that Pacman gifted her with.

Then the field of advertising stumbled on Diopac. At first, she played supporting roles to Pacman -- to promote milk and gin (what a combination), for instance, with speaking lines, too, Visayan accent and all -- until she began starring in commercials all by herself.

Then lo, she is walking on the red carpet for the premiere of her first film with Joseph Estrada and Ai-Ai delas Alas.

A couple of night ago, I saw her on TV doing an impromptu duet with Imelda Papin in Las Vegas, possibly giving ideas to record companies about producing a Pacman/Diopac CD.

Seeing Pacman's mother makes me appreciate my own mother more -- humble, decent, and dead.

If only Diopac could possess just the last two of those attributes.;-)

[November 15, 2009]