Kuwentong K

Only comatose patients in ICU units have not heard of the news about actress K na nagpakita sa buong mundo ang kanyang k dahil nakipag-k sa doktor na si  K sa video (to spare you and I  from embarrassment, please supply the missing letters of the incomplete words).

Random thoughts:

Actress K has a wholesome attitude toward sex.  She doesn't find it dirty. Note that the "binaboy nya ako" she was referring to was not the cunnilingus/fellatio, doggy/missionary positions she did to, or was done to her, by physician K-- it was the recording of the activities on video which later found its way to the Internet and other people's cell phones, laptops and DVD players.

Physician K's mom appeared on prime time news and caused it to go way overtime just because "ayaw ko nang magsalita". She even read aloud verses from the Bible (remember Philip Salvador in court?) and showed a crucifix (remember Mayor Sachez and his life-sized image of Mama Mary?)

Everyone of us is a devil/angel. Our moms are the last to know about the nasty things we do and say when she's not around. Even convicted criminals' moms insist on their sons'  innocence to the very end. After all, their reputations as mothers are at stake.

At least, actress K's mother had the decency and grace to remain silent in the background -- so far.

The info and videos on prime time news and show biz programs have been exactly the same these past few days -- all about KH and HK na nag-k on video, untrimmed pubes and all. When the incident got investigated in the Senate, three of the topics that Pinoys are most passionate about combined -- sex scandals, politics and show biz.

If only Pacquiao -- Pinoys' fourth most favorite topic -- could somehow get into the picture...

[May 31,2009]