Harmless me

GMA has declared a state of national emergency because some scheming soldiers and opposition politicians allegedly wanted to bring her down.

Media outfits have been warned to be a bit more circumspect in publishing news and views so as not to give due advantage to the enemies of the state.

Which, in this digital age, brought about more questions than answers.

How can government censor info/views meant for the consumption of an international audience and published/aired by news outfits over satellite and cable TV, WAP and the Internet?

Me, they need not worry about. Totally harmless.

Didn't I once stand on the same stage right beside GMA during one ceremony and never lifted a foot to kick her shin? Didn't I recently emcee a program attended by her where I dutifully shouted "Mabuhay ang Pangulo ng Pilipinas!" as per Malacanang-prepared script and later, during lunch, didn't even think of raising a threatening salad fork at her?

Besides, what is there to raid and close down?  The Journal has no office to padlock, no staff members to arrest, no hard copy to confiscate. Come to think of it, the Journal, literally doesn't exist on the physical plane like traditional newspapers. It's all in cyberspace.

Unless of course they've come up with a morphing cyborg robocop, capable of invading and policing cyberspace and taking GMA's state of national emergency to the world of virtual reality.

Who knows? Could be the reason her opponents say her state of national emergency is a VIRTUAL declaration of martial law.

[February 28, 2006]