Giving God a hard time

Must be hard to be God no matter what one calls Him.

Imagine Muslim extremists blasting Westerners to death in the name of Allah, or Israelis battling Palestinians in the name of Yahweh.

What about Pacquiao and Morales each imploring Him to make him the winner. (You know whom He favored, congratulations!)

Or MWSS praying that the coming typhoon would pass over Angat Dam so Metro Manilans would be assured of enough drinking water while Central Luzon residents were on bent knees asking to be spared from the calamity. (A draw here, as the supertyphoon veered southward and hit Region IV instead, tough luck!)

This year, Filipinos' prayers must have clogged the hotline to heaven.  For a landslide in Leyte... an oil spill in  Guimaras... eruption of Mayon and Bulusan volcanos in Bicol... dengue victims... a chemical spill in a high school lab in Makati City and another in Bulacan... a capsized passenger boat in Surigao... three supertyphoons coming one after the other...

At least we believers have Someone to turn to in times of trouble.

Ever wondered what atheists do during such times?

[November 30, 2006]