F--king up the National Anthem

It happened again -- "Lupang Hinirang" (no, the title is not "Bayang Magiliw") erroneously sung by a prominent Filipino singer before a Pacquaiao fight.

There are two things that cannot be changed at will by anyone -- the Filipino flag and the National Anthem. And there is an agency tasked to ensure that this doesn't happen -- the National Historical Institute.

Those who had committed the crime of "beautifying", "personalizing" and "interpreting" the "Lupang Hinirang" in previous Pacquiao fights were all very prominent singers. They had and still have all the opportunities in the world to show off their singing prowess by beautifying, personalizing and interpreting countless songs. Given one minute of additional glory on international television for a Pacquaio fight, why would one mess around with the National Anthem?

Would anyone dare to change the red color of the flag to fuchsia because that would look nicer? The blue field to black to make the color scheme more dramatic? Put a smiley on the sun so it looks more contemporary? Add more stars and make them glitter with Swarovsky stones? Trim off the corners so they're rounded?


Why then f--k up something as simple and straightforward as the National Anthem?!

Next time, instead of a celebrity, why not invite a pupil from some public elementary school to sing "Lupang Hinirang"? The celebrities just might learn a lesson or two on how to properly sing that hymn.

[March 15, 2010]