Dumb kids, dumb adults

The most unusual gun-related story is about that Grade 3 kid who stole his grandfather's pistol upon the prodding of a classmate, and brought the weapon to school to get even with school bullies.

Thank God/Allah/Yahweh he was found out before he could execute his plan, else he would have made it to CNN as the youngest school shooter in the world, way ahead of those psychotic American high school and college students who shot to instant fame/notoriety by shooting schoolmates.

The local incident serves to underline how some of us adults have been neglecting our responsibilities to kids.

That dumb kid and his stupid pal should have learned from their adult parents and adult teachers that one should not steal -- guns, included -- and that shooting others dead to get even is all wrong. The kid's adult grandfather should have been more responsible and kept his gun out of the reach of kids.

That the offending boy had to be taken in by government social workers for counseling is truly embarrassing -- it's an admission that the family and the school, the two basic institutions that should give him a sense of right and wrong, have so far failed to shape him into a little decent human being.

[January 31, 2008]