Cyber resurrection

My faithful clone PC breathed its last sometime last week after seven long years of loyal service to and fruitful partnership with me.

In the computer equivalent of an ICU, the technician even tried to revive it by giving it transplants -- power supply, video card -- all to no avail.

What happened to my dead PC?  A friend took it away to serve as organ donor -- lots of admittedly old but still usable parts in there. The screws, for one.

The mortal body may have died, but the soul lives on.

My departed PC's "soul" -- the hard disk drive -- is alive after it has been installed as a slave drive in my newly purchased PC. I could have jumped from the second floor window of my old house (don't worry, no one dies from a ten foot fall onto untrimmed shrubs and overgrown weeds) had I not been able to recover extremely important school and office documents stored in there, including Nueva Ecija Journal issues spanning seven years, plus some naughty jpegs and mpegs.

Unfortunately, though, I had to reinstall Windows and other software, resulting in the total wipe out of my e-mail address book and inbox, among others. They are now in whatever is the cyber equivalent of heaven, hell or purgatory.

So if you recently sent me a news item or photo for possible publication in the Journal, I suggest that you resend it. I'll consider that a second coming, if we go by the imagery used above. Seek (your computer files) and you shall find (the file you earlier sent me), knock (on my new mailbox) and it will be opened, ask (for your materials to be published) and you shall receive (an e-mailed confirmation from me).

[July 31, 2007]