Chicken breeding (nothing to do with poultry)

I was buying eggs at a grocery near my house when a woman approached the counter and asked the sales clerk if the store had "chicken breeding" to which the latter quickly replied "yes".

I was intrigued: I've been in and out of supermarkets and groceries big and small, and seen all TV commercials and print ads, and am familiar with all sorts of products -- except for "chicken breeding".

I looked around and did not see any poultry supplies. I though the woman might be asking for feeds for her breeder chickens.

Then the sales clerk asked if the woman wanted the "hot" version or the "regular" one and showed packets marked "Ajinomoto".

"Chicken breeding" turned out to be bread crumbs used to coat chicken pieces before deep-frying them.  Yes, "chicken breading".

That two Filipinos could understand each other despite the apparent mispronunciation in English is no big deal. Aren't we used to seeing and hearing Manny P., the boxer, plug Alaxan If-Ar with Paracitamol? Tuk-in-Text, too?

What's truly worrisome is when Filipinos go abroad speaking English the Filipino way. How many times have Filipino officials uttered a phrase that sounded like "as a matter of fuck" in international fora to the consternation of the listeners?

Combine that with the Filipino "yes" that could mean either "yes", "no" or "maybe"... gestures like the quick nod to mean "I don't know" but interpreted as "yes" by foreigners, and the upward jerk of the head that means "Hi" to Filipinos but "I challenge you" to a foreigner... plus the quick raising and lowering of the eyebrows to mean "Hello" -- and you could end up in trouble.

Could the bruises, cuts, abrasions and burns sustained by Filipino domestic helpers abroad be related to "chicken breeding"?