Alagang Loren

Loren Legarda, after appropriating for her election ad the patriotic song "Pilipinas Kong Mahal", now tries to wrestle from Imelda Marcos the title of "Ina ng mga Pilipino" by using the tag line "Aalagaan ko kayo"  in her latest series of TV plugs.

She promises sufficient nutritious food, free education, among others, for the underprivileged.

What's she trying to do -- reinvent the role of  the Vice President?!

Isn't the Vice President a mere spare tire, a stand-in for the President when he/she is unable to attend official functions, a government caretaker when the President goes on an official trip abroad (if and when he/she trusts the vice president enough to appoint him/her as such) and, more importantly, the official successor when the President becomes incapacitated or, knock on wood, dies?

If and when Loren wins as Vice President, how can she deliver  what she promises in those "Aalagaan ko kayo" commercials when those are not even in her job description?

Could those new Loren TV ads be part of the political propaganda originally produced when she was still bent on running for President and simply recycled dahil sayang naman?

Hala, dadaigin pa ng lola 'nyo ang mga pangako ni Manny Villar!

[February 28, 2010]