After 60 Christmases...

In my house this year, most of the Christmas decorations may be gone but Christmas is still there -- in spirit.

The decorations consist of nothing more than a ceramic manger scene and a San Fernando parol, both over a dozen years old. I am sure of their ages, as they were displayed during Christmas for a number of years before my mother died and that was 11 years ago.

Hard to splurge during this season, now that I have officially retired from the university starting this second semester. No more income and so, nothing more to splurge.

It is said that Christmas is for children. True. I have experienced 60 Christmases in my lifetime and have become weary of it. What else could be new?

And so on Christmas day, I'll be doing the routine I have practiced for a number of years now:  get out of bed late after attending the midnight mass that is actually held in my parish church as early as 10:00 P.M., dole out crisp bills to visiting grandchildren (of cousins) whose names and faces I'll never remember later, have lunch at my cousins' place a block away, take a long afternoon nap, have dinner by myself, watch TV and sleep.

But just the same, Merry Christmas to us all!