A new toy for the big boy

This big boy just bought a new toy -- an iPhone that's meant to work exclusively with AT&T but, thanks to Filipino ingenuity, works quite well with Globe, too. That was after my SIM card was "circumcised" -- a small piece of one corner had to be snipped out for it to work.

You must have salivated and felt covetous the first time you saw such a phone. I know I did. Very elegant casing, very intelligent operating system. I can now let my thumbs grow back from too much texting with conventional phones, while I use the forefingers to slide on the touch screen to get things done. A tug here, a pull there, a pat anywhere, and the screen responds.  It must, as there's nothing to touch but a screen and a round button -- no protruding joystick, no clickety keypad.

The first thing that attracted my attention when I opened my iPhone was Google Maps -- conventional road maps, plus photographs of places taken by an orbiting satellite.

At last I could see what my city -- my house! -- looks like from up there!

No problem loading the map and photo of Gapan. By zooming in, I could make out things in greater detail.  That huge structure had to be WalterMart... then the Bucana junction where the road splits... one road leads to a round white structure, the Inang Bayan monument -- cool!  My index finger backtracked to the other road, and I could make out the South elementary school. Gliding further, I could see the old city hall... the plaza and even the fountain in the middle... the small white squarish thing definitely was the Bonifacio monument at the plaza's entrance. I slid my finger upward and found myself staring at the roof of the old church... with cars lined up at the roadside, too. 

I couldn't hold the suspense any longer. My house is between the city plaza and the church compound. I must see what it looks like from above. 

No luck.  A wisp of a cloud had to position itself exactly over my house and those of my neighbors when the satellite passed overhead.

Darn, nature won again over high technology.

If an apple helped remove the cloud over the mystery of gravity, this other cloud had to cover what an Apple wanted to show through satellite photography.

[February 15, 2008]