These essays, some written as early as 2005, were first published in the editorial page of my online newspaper, Nueva Ecija Journal.

I've re-posted them here after learning that there are people out there, perfectly normal ones, who actually enjoy reading my writings, most of which were done in about five minutes flat (no kidding!).

The essays cover topics ranging from the high and the mighty to the not so high but very mighty (not necessarily referring to GMA; could be Manny Pacquiao), from national issues to neighborhood rumors, from the important to the trivial, from the sane to the truly insane, crafted using my own tested recipe -- a bit of insult, a dash of sarcasm, a pinch of understatement, a sprinkling of exaggeration, blended smoothly with some humor.

One of these days, I just might attempt to publish these essays in book form. I've even designed a possible book cover, which you can see posted above. Only one little thing that prevents me from publishing my dream book: lack of money with which to pay the printer.

About that photo: Once, I was busy trying to beat the Journal's deadline when a blackout happened. I lit a candle and continued working, relying on the laptop's battery. I soon realized the comic irony of the situation and captured it with my digital camera using the built-in timer. Could Dr. Jose Rizal have written his Noli that way had the laptop been invented ahead of the light bulb?;-)

Click on a title at the left panel and read on! :-)

Ramon Valmonte,
Sep 14, 2012, 11:02 PM