Ramjet's Minecraft Server

erver Address: ramjetmc.servegame.com

We are a legit SMP server meaning no spawning in items, no Roleplay, and no economy. 
Locking chests and anti griefing mods are on though. Multi-Worlds can be made.
THE SERVER TOOLS SITE: http://ramjetmc.servegame.com:8080/
We are currently accepting new players to the whitelist if you Apply!  

Clientside Plugins/Mod:
BukkitContrib Mod (shows some cool features in the server like managable wolves in the MyWolf plugin. For controls and commands go here.
Serverside Plugins:
BigBrother, Datalog, Dynmap, Essentials, Multiverse, MuliWorld Inventory, War TDM, Worldedit, WorldGuard, MyWolf, Torchlight, Scavenger, and others.