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Fun Trick Questions and Brain Teasers

Fun trick questions and brain teasers are a source of real hearty laughs, stimulation for the brain, an ideal way to get rid of boredom and an assured way to strike a casual conversation with colleagues in office or fellow travelers on a long journey. So get ready to rack your brains with some fun questions!
Fun Trick Questions and Brain Teasers
This brain teaser is one of the best ones in circulation. Ask your friends these questions and enjoy their responses. It is important to answer the questions in this teaser, without much deliberation. Say 'silk' five times in a clear and audible voice; then spell 'silk'; so what do cows drink? If you answer, 'milk', you are already foxed by the mind tricks game. Such mind tricks brain teasers or funny trick questions are a great appetite for the mind and enable the mind to become proactive and sharp. Scientific research based on certain strong evidences has conclusively proved that regularly challenging a person with good brain teasers and trick questions, makes his thinking process more logical and rational. Brain teaser trick questions, tongue twisters and riddles are all various forms of delightful ways to keep yourself alert and of course, intelligent.

Funny Trick Questions

In which forthcoming year/years, will New Year precede Christmas, in the same year?
(Ans: All. New Year precedes Christmas of the same year)

There is one eleven letter word, which is spelled incorrectly, by some of the most brilliant students of Ivy league schools? (ans: incorrectly)

What was the President's name in 1975? (ans: the same as it is today)

There is a fishing trawler, with a ladder in it, leaning against a wall at the harbor. There are 5 oars and 2 fishing nets in the trawler. The distance between two consecutive steps on the ladder is 1 meter. If waves lashing against the wall rise half meter in every half hour, in how much time will 6 steps of the ladder get under the waves?
(ans: The trawler rises with the waves so no step will go under water.)

There are 6 mangoes in a basket and 6 kids eagerly waiting to get one. Each kid is given 1 mango, yet there is one mango in the basket, how?
(ans: The last kids gets the basket with the mango in it.)

Then there are some riddles called as mind trick questions or brain trick questions, which you do not get even after a lot of brain storming. But once you give up and look for the answer, you will tear your hair, exclaiming how easily it could have been answered. Few examples of homonym or double answer fun questions mind tricks are given below.

To stop from entry,
A sandy band;
A word for "the courts,"
"Sweet" for gourmand.
(ans: bar)

A friend, a chum,
A noble one;
To search and scan,
A dock outrun.
(ans: peer, pier)

A swell unfurls,
My hand says "hi,"
To change a rule,
And let you go by.
(ans: wave, to waive)

If you scan through various public domains and sites or TV shows, there will be a wealth of such puzzles, riddles or teasers. In fact, daily life experiences can even bring out some first hand collection of fun questions, which are an ultimate source of joy.