5 tiers of medical school

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In my opinion, there are 5 tiers of medical school.  You will not find this formal ranking anywhere as it is not based on NIH research $$s or primary care which is what US News & World Report uses to rank medical schools.  The tiers are designed to reflect the degree of competitiveness of respective medical schools and why they are so competitive.

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The top tier are IVY League medical schools and state medical schools.  For example in CA, it would be the UC school system while in NY, the SUNY.  Since these "state" schools are heavily subsidized by the state and taxpayers they can offer a reduced cost for tuition as it is heavily subsidized by tax dollars which is why these schools tend to have a preference for people from their own states.  All applicants would like to minimize the amount of debt they graduate medical school from and usually stay in the same state as their family and their roots; thus, state schools are very popular.  However, this may be extremely difficult especially in states such as California.  California is by far the most competitive state and the most and well regulated.  For example, there are more applicants from CA for medical school than the next biggest three states combined: New York, Texas & Florida.  So per capita, there are far less positions and thus much more competition; explaining how admissions committees can be more choosey and raise the bar of their initial screening formula at a much higher cutoff.


**Keep in mind that ultimately the admissions committee and subcommittees decide on who is accepted or not.  The top 2 tier medical schools can afford to be choosy and will usually pick people who really want to be there and that that particular medical school is their absolute #1 choice.**


The 2nd tier is comprised of US allopathic medical schools which are private.  These schools are private institutions, which explains their much higher tuition rates and because of this, do not select for applicants by any geographic criteria but ultimately want to accept & graduate the most well qualified and suited people they believe to become doctors, not medical students.


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The 3rd tier are all the osteopathic medical schools.  Followed by the 4th tier which are all the LCME accredited medical schools in other countries such as Sackler School of Medicine.  I would put the 4 LCME accredited carribean medical schools at the bottom of the 4th tier.  Finally, the 5th tier are all the "non-accredited" carribean medical schools.