Documentary "Jews of Iran"

Jews of Iran     Joden uit Iran - יהודי אירן     

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Documentary, 52 minutes, The Netherlands 2005
Persian Spoken, English subtitled and narrated


Director & Producer: Ramin Farahani
Research & Script: Ramin Farahani
Commissioning Editor: Annet Betsalel
Camera: Soheil Mohseni, Farzin Khosroshahi, Fereydoon Shirdel
Editing: Ramin Farahani, Hamid Reza Fard, Juan Morales
Sound Recordist: Mohammad Emami
Sound Mixing: Juan Morales
Narrator: Richard Kohn
Poduction: NIK Media (Joodse Omroep, Dutch national TV )

Plot Summary

The Jewish settlement in Iran dates back to 2700 years. The Islamic Revolution of 1979 resulted in the departure of many Jews from the country. This film concentrates on Jews living in Iran presently, with an eye on recent historic developments.

In Tehran, young and old Jews speak about different kinds of discrimination. However, there are also positive aspects, such as a close friendship between two tolerant Muslim and Jewish families.
There is a strong and responsive bond between the Jewish community. A lonely elderly woman from the old Jewish neighborhood of Tehran is treated for free at the Jewish hospital.

In Isfahan, we witness the love and passion that the main characters have developed for the place they live in. Soleiman Sassoon is a Jewish artist who finds inspiration in Iranian art and Islamic architecture.

In Shiraz, the film focuses more on an espionage case against the Jews. Parallel to this, we follow a young Jewish boy who is interested in computers and music. The film ends with a prayer before the Jewish New Year at a synagogue in Tehran.

Interviews & Articles


Oxdox: School girl (click on the photo)

Festivals & Screenings

Well Played Arab - Iranian Films Berlin, October 2009
Oxdox International Film Festival, Oxford, UK, April 2009
New Orleans Middle East Film Festival, US, August 2008
The Spiro Ark, London UK, June 2007
Avi Chai Institute, Jerusalem June/July 2007
Houston Jewish Film Festival March 2007
Chicago Jewsih Broadcasting Network March 2007
Concordia University Montreal February 2007
London Sephardi Film Festival, UK, 2007

Alaska Jewish Film Festival February 2007
Sephardic Jewish Film Festival New York, February 2007
Jewish Eye Film Festival Beer Sheva November 2006
Nashville Jewish Film Festival US, November 2006
L.A. Sephardic Jewish Film Festival November 2006
San Jose Jewish Film Festival October 2006
San Fransisco Jewish Film Festival July, August 2006
Wahington DC JFF Screening Room May 2006
Seattle Jewish Film Festival March 2006
Broward County Jewish Film Festival, Florida, February 2006
Allentown Jewish Film Festival USA, February 2006
Museum of Tolerance LA, USA, January 2006
New York Jewish Film Festival January 2006
Makor, New York, December 2005
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival USA, December 2005
Warsaw Jewish Film Festival November 2005
CIJOH, LA USA October 2005
New Zealand International Documentary Festival, 2005
Toronto Jewish Film Festival May 2005

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یهودیان ایران مستند، ۵٢ دقیقه، ١٣٨٤


کارگردان و مدیر تولید: رامین فراهانی

پژوهش و فیلمنامه: رامین فراهانی

سردبیر برنامه: آنت بتسالل

فیلمبرداران: سهیل محسنی، فرزین خسروشاهی، فریدون شیردل

تدوینگران: رامین فراهانی، حمیدرضا فرد، خوآن مورالس

صدابردار: محمد امامی

میکساژ نهایی: خوآن مورالس

گوینده ی متن: ریچارد کوهن

تهیه کننده: نیک مدیا (تلویزیون ملی هلند)

موضوع فیلم

با اینکه حضور یهودیان در ایران به پیش از هخامنشیان بازمی گردد، شمار آنان همچنان رو به کاهش است. این مستند نگاهی دارد به زندگی و دلمشغولی های شماری از کلیمیان ایران در تهران، اصفهان و شیراز

جشنواره ها 

«یهودیان ایران» در بخش مسابقه ی ششمین جشنواره مستند کیش پذیرفته شده بود اما مجوز پخش نگرفت. فهرست جشنواره های خارجی را در ستون انگلیسی ببینید.


گفتگو با کارگردان (متن فارسی در وبلاگ گاه نگار)

گفتگوها و مقالات انگلیسی را در ستون روبرو ببینید.

دوستی بین خانواده ی یهودی و مسلمان
Friendship of Jews and Muslims

مدرسه ی دخترانه ی یهودیان در تهران
 Ettefagh Jewish School, Tehran
DVD Cover English version of Jews of Iran