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Cream 2 (April 19, 2006)

D.S. White - Age is Just a Number

Welcome to the Official Site of Author D.S. White: An avid reader, D.S. White is the former proprietor of an online African-American bookstore and wholesale dealership. Unfortunately, she didn't have a back up plan for 9/11/01. Nevertheless, she has made a home for herself working amongst books at a Publishing House in PA.
A strong black woman, Dee has realized forgiveness is essential to achieve the peace she has sought all her life. She has come to terms with the angst of her birth and realizes even her name has purpose in God's eyes. She's real enough to admit that some of her limitations in life were self-induced. She's not ashamed to admit she's not perfect, and at times may need to be lovingly reminded that "It's not about you!" But she prays she will always surround herself with people who will hold her accountable to the need to have and show compassion.


No doubt some of you have noticed already, my website looks strangely familiar. Some of you have already figured it out, but I've been using the Google for inspirations. Google pages are always easy to use, clear and concise, and it probably because they spend a great deal of time refine their design. I just want to give credit where credit is due. Hopefully the nice people at Google will update googlepages soon making it a little more user friendly.


I will not blog. That's the conclusion I finally arrived last Thursday after attending to Blogak 2.0 at the University of Deusto in Bilbao.
After a long time watching the Internet as a real beginner, hardly climbing that "digital divide", getting amazed more and more by the new Web, the boom of the blogosphere, and all that stuff followed by "2.0", I had been thinking on what to tell, how to tell, when, why, even wondering if I really had something to share, reflecting about the consequences of blogging, the advantages, the inconveniences... So I've adopted a final decision: I will not write on my blog.
I essentially had created this space in order to have more interaction with others. But I have been spending so much time reading -feedreading-, observing -absorbing-, annotating -bookmarking-, flagging, tagging, labeling, starring, downloading, uploading, testing, betatesting, comparing, listening, commenting, recommenting, cocommenting on other blogs, that I couldn't find the time to post anything interesting.

Space Meat

Space Meat is a site created by myself (Liam Marcon), an IT student living in Melbourne Australia. I wanted to create a website that would have all the geeky and tech stuff that I am interested in and that I’m sure many other people are. At the moment there’s not much that distinguishes this site from the thousands of other tech and geek blogs on the internet but hopefully I be able to carve out my own niche.
The site will be my source of writing about news I find interesting as well as movie, game, music and technology reviews. At the moment its just me adding content to this site but I might be able to get some friends to add the occasional blog or review. Also I’m working on setting up a Space Meat podcast (online radio or television show) which will cover all the news articles, movies, games, and music that has been blogged or reviewed on this site, but it will probably be sometime before that will be up and running. Well I hope you like the site and come back to read the new content that I will be trying to add every day or two. Also this is a fairly new site and needs regulars viewing it, so if you like the site tell your friends. Thanks.

Yokohama Restaurant, Cafe, and Bar Guide

Yokohama has a multitude of things to see and do that aren't covered in any guidebooks. I am attempting to catalog some of them here.


Cream 1 (April 10, 2006)

Acoustic Music Online

This Site hosts link to people who play acoustic guitar, and perform other acoustic music. "Acoustic power is like nothing else in the music world"

Ghosts and Ghost Hunting

Basic information for new ghost hunters - Definitions, how-to information, original articles, and free resources. New ghost hunters are often impressed--and sometimes intimidated--by TV shows, ghost websites, and so-called 'ghost experts'. The purpose of these webpages is to demystify ghost hunting so that you can try it yourself.

Idylls of Broceliande

Welcome to the new Broceliande website. Please see my new blog for any updates and alterations that I make. The site still features sections covering things i love and am interested in. You will find a small basic introduction to the Arthurian Legends, featuring the main characters and stories about Nimue and the Lady of Shallott. Throughout the site I feature paintings that can be found in all their glory at ArtMagick. I love Pre-raphelite images as you can probably tell, especially waterhouse and Rossetti. The site also features some of my favourite poems, I particularly like Tennyson but they can be rather long to read. There is also a section covering my collection of Teddy Bears and also a section of photos and stories about my cats that I used to have.

The creScent - An American Muslim's Musings ...

I am a compassionate Southerner who is dedicated to enriching my life by enriching the lives of others. I am a wife and mother. I have a cool family. I was a military brat in my younger years. I love learning about history and people. If I get the opportunity, I would love to study anthropology. I am a film critic in my own right, and I love independant and foreign film.I am a Muslim. I converted almost a decade ago. Speaking of Islam. It has changed my life. Although many look at religion as a way to finally feel better than anyone else. I have learned that worrying about how bad others are only distract you from what you are doing wrong. If you have someone constantly criticizing you, you take that criticism and do better with it. The critic will be so busy focusing on you, that he/she/they will remain stagnant. Consider it an annoying favor! Peace...

Tramping in New Zealand

Many thanks to Google for the free webspace that hosts this site. We hope that you enjoy reading our tales from the tracks, trails and lesser travelled spurs, ridges and valleys around New Zealand. Although we do a number of tramping trips by ourselves we also do plenty with The Wellington Tramping and Mountaineering Club. In 2005, Victoria won the Best Overall Photograph in the WTMC annual photo competition. Recently, Craig was appointed the Chief Guide of WTMC.