Published Academic Papers

`Holey Sheets' - Pfaffians and Subdeterminants as D-brane Operators in Large N Gauge Theories. With Ofer Aharony, Yaron E Antebi and Micha Berkooz. Journal of High Energy Physics JHEP12(2002)069 Download

Modeling Irrigated Area to Increase Water, Energy, and Food Security in Semiarid India. With Tobias Siegfried, Stefan Sobolowksi, Pradeep Raj, Victor Vasquez, Kapil Narula, Upmanu Lall and Vijay Modi).

Weather, Climate and Society, 2010, 2, 255–270. Download

Over-Extraction from Shallow Bedrock versus Deep Alluvial Aquifers: Reliability versus Sustainability Considerations for India's Groundwater Irrigation. With Tobias Siegfried, Pradeep Raj, Vijay Moai and Upmanu Lall. Water Resources Research, 2011. Download

Working Papers

Can Electricity Pricing Save India's Groundwater? Evidence from Gujarat (with Upmanu Lall and Vijay Modi). Revision Requested.

Naive and Sophisticated Saving DownloadRevision Requested.

Heterogeneous Patience, Bargaining Power and Climate Change Policy Download. Submitted. 


Can Improved Agricultural Water Use Efficiency Save India's Groundwater? (with N. Divedani and R. Raman).  Submitted.

Does Subjective Life-Satisfaction Reflect Non-Income Dimensions of Poverty? (with Yannay Shanan, Matan Hoffman and Punya Prasad Regmi). Submitted.

Climate Change, Rainfall Variability and Adaptation through Irrigation: Evidence from Indian Agriculture Download

Water Resource Depletion, Adaptation and Migration: Evidence from Gujarat (with Meha Jain and Avinash Kishore) Download
Blog in Ideas for India

A Tale of Two Food Stands: Observational Learning in the Field (with Arthur Fishman and Uri Gneezy) Download

Rainfall shocks and Property Crimes in Agrarian Societies: Evidence from India (with David Blakeslee) Download  

Non-Refereed Articles

Addressing the Water Crisis in Gujarat, India (with Kapil Narula, Vijay Modi and Upmanu Lall).

CWC white paper. Download pdf. 
Report in The Times of India, April 2011
Report in DeshGujarat, April 2011

Strategies for incentivizing farmers to ensure resource sustainability (with Kapil Narula, Upmanu Lall and Vijay Modi)

Report commissioned by the Government of Gujarat, India, 2010.

Gross National Happiness (GNH) – A Real Alternative or an Empty Slogan? Impressions from the 4th Intl. Conference on GNH in Bhutan. 

Consilience - The Journal of Sustainable Development, 2010 Download pdf.

שמחה לאומית גולמית, מעריב 26.8.10 Available online (Hebrew).

Is Sustainability a Fact? 

Union Seminary Quarterly Vol 63:1, 2010 Download pdf