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  • Sparse Mixture Model: Late Fusion with Missing Scores For Multimedia Event Detection. Ramesh Nallapati, Eric Yeh and Greg Myers, SPIE Multimedia Content Access: Algorithms and Systems VII, 2013. [pdf] [pptx]


  • The 2012 Sesame Multimedia Event Detection System. Greg Myers, Ramesh Nallapati, et al, TRECVID Multimedia Event Detection, 2012. [pdf forthcoming] 
  • Skierarchy: Extending the power of Crowdsourcing Using a Hierarchy of Experts, Crowds and Machine Learning, Ramesh Nallapati and Sanga Peerreddy, TREC Crowdsourcing, 2012. [pdf] [google-tech-talk-slides-pdf]
  • Multi-instance Multi-label Learning for Relation ExtractionMihai Surdeanu, Julie Tibshirani, Ramesh Nallapati, Christopher D. Manning. EMNLP-CoNLL, 2012. [pdf]


  • TopicFlow model: Unsupervised learning of topic specific influences of hyperlinked documents. Ramesh Nallapati, Daniel McFarland and Christopher Manning. Artificial Intelligence and Statistics, 2011[pdf] [video]
  • LeadLag LDA: Estimating Topic Specific Leads and Lags of Information Outlets. Ramesh Nallapati, Xiaolin Shi, Daniel McFarland, Jure Leskovec and Daniel Jurafsky, International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media, 2011. [pdf] [longer version pdf]
  • Risk Analysis for Intellectual Property Litigation. Mihai Surdeanu, Ramesh Nallapati and Christopher Manning, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law, 2011. [pdf] [longer_pdf]


  • TopicFlow model: Unsupervised learning of topic specific influences of hyperlinked documents. Ramesh Nallapati and Christopher Manning. Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Machine Learning for Social Computing, 2010. [pdf]
  • Blind domain transfer for Named Entity Recognition using Generative Latent Topic Models. Ramesh Nallapati, Mihai Surdeanu and Christopher Manning,  Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Transfer Learning using Rich Generative Models, 2010. [pdf]

  • Who Leads Whom: Topical Lead-Lag analysis across corpora. Xiaolin Shi, Ramesh Nallapati, Jure Lescovec, Dan McFarland and Dan Jurafsky. Neural Information Processing Systems Workshop on Computational Social Science and Wisdom of Crowds, 2010. [pdf]

  • Legal Claim Identification: Information Extraction with Hierarchically Labeled Data. Mihai Surdeanu, Ramesh Nallapati and Christopher Manning, Semantic Processing of Legal Texts workshop, LREC, 2010. [pdf]  


  • Labeled LDA: a supervised topic model for credit attribution in multi-labeled corpora. Daniel Ramage, David Hall,  Ramesh Nallapati, and Christopher Manning, EMNLP 2009 [pdf]
  • CorrActive Learning: Learning from noisy data through Human Interaction. Ramesh Nallapati, Mihai Surdeanu and Christopher Manning, IJCAI workshop on Intelligence and Interaction, 2009 [pdf]


  • Legal Docket Classification: Where Machine Learning Stumbles. Ramesh Nallapati and Christopher Manning, EMNLP 2008 [pdf]
  • Joint Topic Models for Text and Citations. Ramesh Nallapati, Amr Ahmed, Eric Xing, William Cohen, KDD 2008 [pdf] [code]
  • Exploiting Feature hierarchy for Transfer Learning in named Entity Recognition. Andrew Arnold, Ramesh Nallapati and William Cohen, ACL, 2008 [pdf]
  • Link-PLSA-LDA: A new unsupervised model for topics and influence in blogs. Ramesh Nallapati and William Cohen, International Conference for Weblogs and Social Media, 2008, [pdf]


  • Multi-scale Topic Tomography. Ramesh Nallapati, William Cohen, Susan Ditmore, John Lafferty, Kin Ung, ACM-KDD, 2007. [pdf] [ppt] [code]
  • Parallelized Variational EM for Latent Dirichlet Allocation: An experimental evaluation of speed and scalability.  Ramesh Nallapati, William Cohen, John Lafferty, ICDM workshop on high performance data mining, 2007 [pdf] [ppt] [code]
  • Sparse Word Graphs: A scalable algorithm for capturing word correlations in topic models. Ramesh Nallapati, Amr Ahmed, William Cohen, Eric Xing, ICDM workshop on High performance data mining, 2007 [pdf] [ppt]
  • A Comparative Study of Methods for Transductive Transfer Learning. Andrew Arnold, Ramesh Nallapati, and William Cohen, ICDM 2007 Workshop on Mining and Management of Biological Data, 2007 [pdf]


  • Smoothed Dirichlet distribution: Understanding Cross-entropy ranking in information retrieval. Ph.D. thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2006. [pdf]
  • Evaluating the Quality of Query refinement Suggestions in Information Retrieval. Ramesh Nallapati and Chirag Shah, CIIR Technical Report IR-521, 2006 [pdf]


  • The Smoothed Dirichlet distribution: A new Building block for generative topical models. Ramesh Nallapati, Thomas Minka  and Stephen Robertson, CIIR Tech Report, 2005. [pdf]
  • The Smoothed Dirichlet distribution: Explaining KL-divergence in information retrieval. Ramesh Nallapati, Thomas Minka, Hugo Zaragoza, and Stephen Robertson, CIIR Tech Report, 2005. [pdf]


  • Event Threading within News Topics. Ramesh Nallapati, Ao Feng, Fuchun Peng, James Allan, ACM-CIKM, 2004.  [pdf]
  • Discriminative Models for Information Retrieval. Ramesh Nallapati, ACM-SIGIR, 2004. [pdf]


  • Relevant Query Feedback in Statistical Language Modeling. Ramesh Nallapati, W. Bruce Croft and James Allan, short-paper, ACM-CIKM, 2003. [pdf]
  • An Adaptive Local Dependency language Model: Relaxing the Naive Bayes Assumption. Ramesh Nallapati and James Allan, Workshop on Mathematical/Formal Methods in Information Retrieval, SIGIR-2003.  [pdf]
  • Semantic Language Models for Topic Detection and Tracking. Ramesh Nallapati, HLT-NAACL student research workshop, 2003. [pdf]


  • Capturing Term Dependencies using a Sentence Tree based Language Model. Ramesh Nallapati and James Allan, ACM-CIKM 02 conference, pp. 383-390.  [pdf]
  • UMass at TDT 2002. James Allan, Victor Lavrenko and Ramesh Nallapati, Proceedings Topic Detection and Tracking workshop, 2002. [pdf]


  • Extraction of key-words from news stories. Ramesh Nallapati, James Allan and Sridhar Mahadevan, CIIR Technical report # IR-345, 2001. [pdf]

1998-2000 (Mechanical Engineering)

  • Conservation properties of unstructured staggered mesh methods. Blair Perot and Ramesh Nallapati, American Physical Society, 52nd Annual Meeting of the Division of Fluid Dynamics, Vol 44, No. 8, Nov 1999.
  • Numerical simulation of free surface flows using a moving mesh. Blair Perot and Ramesh Nallapati, American Society of Mechanical Engineers: 2000 Fluids Engineering Summer Conference.