Lotus Tea Cup

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 The exquisite lotus flower graphic on the side and on the lid depict this special flower in full bloom. Next to the graphic of the Lotus flower there is written an ancient Chinese poem. It is a very old and beautiful poem and although it is difficult to translate into English exactly, this is the approximate meaning of the poem:

"The leaves break the bandage of the green stem, stretch themselves and form a green pool with untidy edges. Now the flower comes from out of the vast surface of the water like a beautiful woman coming gracefully from her bath."

In China, there are many poems centered around the lotus flower for they come out of the dirty mud under the water, rising up while still keeping their pureness, freshness and beauty. Chinese poets often use them to inspire people to keep on doing what they must do, and to show their best part to the outside world, just like the lotus flower, no matter how bad the situation they have come away from was or the circumstances now surrounding them might be.

Lotus flowers have another characteristic. The plant's stalk is easy to bend but it is very hard to break, or separate the two parts completely because they have many strong sinuous fibers that tenaciously hold on to keep the plant together.  Poets have used this scenario to point to the tight relationship of the members in a family, or two lovers for example, showing that no matter what forces the world may place to bear on them, or no matter how far away they might live from one another, nothing can really separate them in heart. This is why many people often choose to purchase a pair or even an entire set of the cups, instead of just one.


Lotus tea Cup


Close-up of ancient poem on side of Tea Cup


Disassembled Tea Cup showing internal strainer