Hi friends, Happy to see you in this page... Hope u enjoy & will get some stuffs here..

 About me..

 Hai friends this is Ramesh,
I was born and brought up at tuticorin, i did my schooling at caldwell hr secondary school, and i did my Bsc degree at kamaraj college tuticorin.

 i did my P.G Degree M.C.A. at Coimbatore Institute of technology.

My Profile

Name: Ramesh
Nick Name:  "Scientist....." - school days
                     "Dennis Ritchie, Pointer Ramesh, ___, tuti " - PG degree


Hobbies : music, web browsing, cd collection(software),Lotus pictures collection, cricket  


  • Music - melodious songs
  • Food  - fish, fruits
  • Place - Temple, ISKON
  • Color - white,blue
  • Flower - Lotus
  • Animal - cow, elephant
  • Birds - peacock, parrot
  • Lord - Krishna
  • Car - Ford ikon (my dream car)
  • Operating System: linux (Suse linux), Mainframe, Windows
  • website: howstuffworks.com,google.com,craigmullins.com,
  • krishna.com,ibm.com
  • Places like to visit: kashmir(india),Australia,United States

friends:Saravanan(Best friend-school mate),Srinivasan,Michael Karthick (PG), Deepak Ravindran (PG), Suresh babu(room-mate during during final yr project),office friends                                                                         

My life at 'CIT'

During college days, i used to collect softwares (CD's).. especially linux. I like to work in linux operating system. i did small projects in windows platform like Help Desk (Navigator for cyberfest particpants with genie support), Remote Desktop monitoring, Love-calculator , redirect msg etc....

Using  Remote Desktop system.. we make fun with other friends like rebooting their system,cd-drive open, text capture  and lot....

'C' is my favorite language.. in that i like to play with pointer's .. I have interest in windows, so  i configured windows & database server  for our MCA lab..  It was very useful during 'Cyberfest - Technical symposium' 

Night Labs- We are freedom to take night lab's ... so we hostel guys took night lab and play 'Age of Empires - Network game'..  We play Quake III also.

Hostel Life

I stayed in hostel for 2 1/2 yrs..  ISKON is my spiritual place, i used to go there whenever i feel sad... We(myself,prasad,gopu) used to go there on fridays or week-ends. some days mike comes with me, he is a good friend.

Linux User

I am registered as Linux user(394845). This is my personal registration certificate.

I recommend the registration (or count) of your linux machine on www.counter.li.org ?


Saraswati at my pooja Room

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