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About Me

I'm currently a Platform Architect at Intel in Oregon. I completed my PhD in Computer Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. While in graduate school, I was a member of the CART research group co-directed by Prof. Doug Burger and Prof. Steve Keckler.


PhD, Computer Sciences
University of Texas at Austin
August 1999 - May 2007
MS, Computer Sciences
University of Texas at Austin
August 1999 - December 2001
B.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
July 1995 - July 1999

PhD Research

I worked on the design and evaluation of the TRIPS Architecture. As semiconductor technologies scale down to deep sub-micron dimensions, hard power budgets will place limitations on clock frequency improvements. At the same time, on-chip communication latencies will force the partitioning of various microprocessor resources. Future microarchitectures must thus attain power-efficiency and high instruction throughputs using a set of distributed hardware resources residing within a single processor. TRIPS is our take on addressing this problem.

Learn more about the TRIPS project here.

Select Publications

  1. Distributed Microarchitectural Protocols in the TRIPS Prototype Processor, MICRO'06 (PDF)
  2. Dataflow Predication, MICRO'06 (PDF)
  3. Critical Path Analysis of the TRIPS Architecture, ISPASS'06 (PDF)
  4. Static Placement, Dynamic Issue (SPDI) Scheduling for EDGE Architectures, PACT'04 (PDF)
  5. Exploiting ILP, DLP, and TLP Using Polymorphism in the TRIPS Architecture, ISCA'03 (PDF)
  6. A Design Space Evaluation of Grid Processor Architectures, MICRO'01 (PDF)

For a full list of publications, please check this page.

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I volunteer for Vibha, a non-profit organization with a mission to enable child development. Please support a good cause.

I love hiking, especially in the winter. My favorite places to hike are the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and the Jasper National Park in Canada. While in Austin, I used to regularly go on hikes around Central Texas.

I am currently hooked on mountaineering. I have summitted a few of Colorado's lofty 14ers. More information on the trails trodden is available on this page.