Kashi Shailee






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Family Photograph

 As a disciple of the famous Indian artist of the Bengal School, Shri K.N.Maujmdar , Prof. R.C.Shukla used to paint in water colour wash technique which was prevelant at that time. Thereafter, he began to take interast in the Folk Paintings of India, particularly Banaras Folk Art and Miniature Paintings of India. It was during that period that he with other drawing students developed a new school of Indian contemporary paintings called Kashi Shailee which was based on Folk Art of Banaras and Miniature Paintings of India

Ram Chandra Shukla                     Lord Ganesha [1949]

Ram Chandra Shukla                           Ram-Lila [1948]

Ram Chandra Shukla                           Youth [1948]

Ram Chandra Shukla                                 Anger[1950]