Intuitive Paintings





 - Kashi Shailee

 - Abstract

 - Samikshvad

 - Intuitive

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Intuitive Paintings
 Prof. R.C.Shukla's latest experiment has taken different turn and he now calls his recent paintings as Intuitive paintings which expresses his inner spirtual feelings and inner experiences. These paintings have been made with coloured markers and sketch pens which are a new medium in the field of Indian Paintings. They are small size paintings and can be called Modern Miniature Paintings.

Ram Chandra Shukla           The Village Goddess[2005]


Ram Chandra Shukla                        Arrogancy [2005]

Ram Chandra Shukla                                 Sorrow [2005]

 Ram Chandra Shukla               The Elegant Bird [2005]


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