Welcome to my radio feed page.
My Feed station consists of  Bearcat BC350 scanners, a Radio Shack hand held scanner, connected to 3 thin clients. 2 of the thin clients are Wyse 9150's while the third is a HP T5720. The Wyse units are only capable of pushing one feed each, while the HP is able to push 2 feeds with no problem.  The first channel went online in March 2010.

I have a UPS to back up the computers and scanners in case of a power outage.
you will also notice an antenna splitter so that all of the radios share one antenna, and a wifi router directing all of the traffic back into the house to my Uverse router. (all of this is in a shed attached to the house)

While this seems like a lot, everything was  purchased on ebay, no one item was over $60. It was a learning experience and fun to get all setup and working.

My Feeds, and what you are hearing on them:

#1 - Tulare County Sheriff Ch 1
        Tulare County Sheriff's Department Channel 1 covers the south part of the county, Pixley and Porterville Substations as well as
        the city of Lindsay.  Pixley substation covers the communities of Tipton, Pixley, Teviston, Earlimart, Allensworth, Alpaugh as
        well as other unincorporated areas of the South West County.  The Porterville substation covers the communities of Strathmore,
        Woodville, Poplar, Cotton Center, Terra Bella, Ducor, Richgrove and the unincorporated areas of Porterville and Lindsay.
        Resident Deputies cover the vast mountain areas of Springville, Camp Nelson, Johnsondale, Kennedy Meadows and California                            Hotsprings, as well as hundreds of miles of mountain areas.  

#2 - Tulare County Sheriff Ch 2
        Channel Two covers the Orosi Substation and Headquarters patrol, as well as the cities of Exeter, Farmersville and Woodlake. 
        Headquarters patrol includes the unincorporated areas of Tulare and Visalia, as well as the communities of Goshen, Ivanhoe,
        and a resident deputy in Three Rivers.   The Orosi substation covers the unincorporated areas of Dinuba, as well as the
        communities of Cuter, Orosi, Traver, New London, Sultana.

#3 -Tulare County Fire and CHP
        The Tulare County fire department dispatches for all of the unincorporated areas of the county, as well as the communities of
        Woodlake, Farmersville, Exeter  Lindsay and the Tule River Indian Reservation. The CHP channel is the Pink, which dispatches for
        Visalia, Porterville, Hanford and Coalinga.
#4 - Tulare City Police and Fire
        Police and Fire dispatch for the City of Tulare

March 2016 update -  The system has been on a shelf in the garage for 5+ years, I finally moved it to a cabinet, looks much better now.  The device above is a KVM, the white box below is my security camera DVR, and the network hub.

you can listen to the scanners by clicking here  http://www.radioreference.com/apps/audio/?ctid=236

Tulare, CA 93274