storagesite for the FLASH conversion of Jones in the Fast Lane

10th of January 2009

I have received so many requests lately about server stability, and unfortunately uptime has been about as stable as my own life at the moment. I've had to take the laptop home and to work, day and night, which means the server comes and goes.

I'm not sure what's going to happen now, with work being as heavy as it is. Because of this I've decided to put the iSock server online for testing purposes so people can just get to it :) Everyone should be aware that this is a debug version, which contains a compressed log since transferred data is stored here (this is mentioned for privacy concerns); not everything is implemented, basically you start it up and that's it. Lower your firewals, allow the port to go through or forward it to the IP of your computer, and people online will be able to connect to your server.

iSock early test

Never heard of iSock? That's because I made it during Jones ;) It's not official and I'd rather call it iSuck (it is a socket server so there you go), but it is a nice server for transferring data with a FLASH AS2 API. No XML (thank God, low on bandwidth requirements).

Instructions: Download, start, and that's it. Use to check your online/modem IP, give this to other players and use it yourself, check that the port 50505 is forwarded to your LAN IP in port forwarding/firewall setup, and ensure that your firewall allows the server free passage of data.


13th of September 2008

The files have been moved to a new webspace. Let's see how this turns out :) The old copy is still running under "mirror".


26th of July 2008

One year has passed, WOW! Shortly after putting this page online I actually got a job as a FLASH programmer, which was truly amazing. I got lucky! Life changed in a matter of days, completely.

Jones development paused as I've been trying to stabilize and adapt to Oslo (stress, apartment, city noise). But things seems to have worked out well - concentration and "happy level" is building up again.

There's almost 30.000 lines of server+game code now, which is kind of ridiculous. I can't believe the size of this behemoth, it could probably have been done in half?

There have been enough players from all over the world, both in multiplayer and singleplayer, to make me realize the project should continue on and I would very much like everyone who encounters any issues to report through email or in the developer log.

If the image below is not showing, server bandwidth has been exceeded...again. Hopefully the betafiles below will be moved to a different webserver without the bandwidth limitations that Googlepages has.

Again: I am so sorry for the delay! Feels real good to be back at it again though, the support has been amazing C-:


15th of July 2007

A FLASH conversion / port of the DOS game Jones in the Fast Lane has been in solo development for 8 months, and is nearing completion. Currently at 23.475 lines of AS2 code there is local singleplayer, local multiplayer, Jones AI, Internet multiplayer, and chat support. A custom made Winsock server called iSock is used as a gameserver, and three levels of compression applied for all clients during transfer to reduce bandwidth load. Graphical effects include vectorized titles and game text, fullscreen adjustable bloom, and motionblur.

A beta has been unofficially online for some time now. Feel free to try it out: Beta, mirror.


For more information about the port, feel free to visit the developer log.
Characters welcome.


 Kevin Boye / developer