Universal Studio's Holiday Parade Itinerary

posted Dec 4, 2016, 5:43 AM by John Nista


A reminder to all students and parents:

Students may wear a black, long sleeve shirt underneath their band shirt for the performance. It must have sleeves that are completely black.

Students must have the following for our trip:

1.     1.) Their instrument, complete marching uniform (required for performance) and music. Students will not perform if they are not in correct uniform of red band polo shirt, black dress pants, black belt, black socks and dinkles. There will be no exceptions made to this rule! Students will be in a holding area with a parent chaperone if they are not in correct uniform, which means they will not be in or see the parade. Students may want to bring a small duffle bag to neatly store their band uniform and dinkles for the performance.

2.      2.) Park t-shirt. They must wear this shirt when they report to school at 5:30 am and this shirt must continue to be worn while in the park. This is to help chaperones identify our students.  They should have comfortable shorts/long pants and sneakers. (students may wear a sweat shirt underneath their park shirt).   Students not wearing their park shirt in Universal Studios must walk with an adult chaperone at all times!

3.      3.) Students will need money for Friday morning breakfast on the turnpike and Friday evening dinner at Millennium Mall. They will need money for snacks/drinks during their stay in the park.


Friday, December 9, 2016

5:30 am    Students are to report to RMS Bus Circle for 6:00 am departure.

10:00 am   Approximate arrival at Islands of Adventure in Orlando. Students will have a meal voucher to eat lunch anywhere in the                  park. Students must walk with their friends and must never walk alone in the park. Students will change into their                      marching uniforms at 3:30 and prepare for Macy’s Parade at Universal Studios.

2:45 – 5:00   Mandatory check in at the entrance of Islands of Adventure and move to busses at Universal Studios for parade preparation. (changing into uniforms and warm up)       



6:30 pm    Arrival at the Millenium Mall. Students must bring money for their dinner at the Mall.

        ***Parents may sign their children out at the Millenium Mall if they are staying the weekend in Orlando. Please notify Mr. Nista in writing (email) by Wednesday, December 7th. Parents should plan to meet us at the Millenium Mall Food Court between 6:15 – 6:30.

 8:15 pm           Departure for RMS

 11:30 pm         Parents are to pick up their children at RMS


Students are expected to follow all Broward County School Board policies. Parents will be notified of any inappropriate behavior at the theme park. Please e-mail Mr. Nista if you have any questions or concerns at: john.nista@browardschools.com