Coral Springs Parade Itinerary; Wednesday, December 14, 2016

posted Dec 11, 2016, 5:44 AM by John Nista

                       CORAL SPRINGS HOLIDAY PARADE     WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 2016

A.) Parents can drop off their children anytime between 6:00-6:15 at the Coral Spring City Center Parking Lot, 2855 Coral Springs Drive. We will walk (as a group) from the City Center Parking Lot to our staging area by 6:30. If you are running late, parents can drop their children to our staging area. Students should be in parade formation by 6:45 P.M. for warm-ups.  Traffic will be heavy so plan on arriving early.

B.) The RMS Band has been assigned staging number 13 in this parade (We are in the very beginning)! Parade staging begins at 6:30 P.M. along Coral Springs Drive, south of Sample Road (Burger King on south east corner). The parade begins at 7:00 P.M. 

C.) Parents need to pick up their children at the conclusion of our performance (7:30pm) in the Village Square parking lot which is on the northwest corner of Sample Road and University Drive. Please plan to meet them once we are finished playing which will be 7:30 pm, not at the conclusion of the parade.

D.) We will be done playing by 7:30 so plan on meeting your children at 7:30 at the Village Square parking lot.

Points to Remember:

1. DO NOT SHOW UP IF YOU ARE NOT IN CORRECT UNIFORM! Students need to be in complete band uniform with band polo shirts tucked in black pants, along with a black belt.  Students need to have dark socks with their Dinkles (black marching band shoes). Students are not invited to perform and WILL NOT perform if they can not follow the uniform policy!

2. Students should eat dinner prior to the parade and bring a water bottle to the parade.

3. Students are to leave their instrument cases in their parent’s car.

4. There are no restrooms along the parade route; therefore, students need to use the restroom prior to arriving at the parade.

5. Parents are encouraged to drop off their children at the beginning of the parade and park their car towards the end of the parade. The parade will end in the Village Square parking lot at 7:30 pm; northwest corner of Sample and University.  

6. Parents need to meet their children at the conclusion of our performance which will be 7:30 (not at the conclusion of the parade) to avoid them being unsupervised. Parents will need to provide Mr. Nista a note if they are allowing their kids to go and find them along the parade route.

7. Percussion and sousaphone students performing at the elementary schools on Friday 12/16 need to keep their instruments at home the next day.  They will need to bring them on the elementary school field trip on Friday, 12/16.

       This year’s Coral Spring’s Parade theme is “Light up the Night.” Students will be allowed to put holiday lights on their instruments or holiday hats. We have had such a wonderful marching season thus far!  Lets go out in style and show Coral Springs the best that RMS has to offer. Thank you to all students for all your time and effort. Thank you to all parents on driving your children to early morning practices and all parades.