Culvert Cleaning
The contact information listed below is  for homeowners to have culverts cleaned.  It is the individual homeowner's responsibility to maintain your culverts. It is recommended homeowners schedule to have their culverts cleaned, due to the flood.

 Contact Info:
 Community Assistance Dept Pct 4
 Phone:  281.353.8424
The Board inquired about the ditches and homeowners may request assistance. 
  •  A work order must be created first before you receive assistance. 
  • Document the date, person's name who you spoke with, and the work order number assigned to your lot.  This is useful if a follow up procedure is necessary.  
  • Request an approximate date for services rendered.  
Please call the number listed above for any questions.  
 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Board.
Adolph Trejo, President
Thomas Sartain, Vice President
Debra Algeo, Secretary
Alice Smart, Treasurer
Thomas Montgomery, Director

Lawsuit Information:

Website to go to  for public records on Ann Shirley vs Ramblewood Property Owners Association, Inc.  :

  On Monday, February 26, 2017, at 1:30 p.m., the parties to the lawsuit styled Cause No. 2016-83177; Ann Shirley et al. vs. Ramblewood Property Owners Association, Inc.; in the 295th District Court, Harris County, Texas, will have hearings on multiple pending motions, including the Plaintiffs’ two Motions for Partial Summary Judgments and the Defendants’ Plea in Abatement, Plea to the Jurisdiction and Motion for Partial Summary Judgment.  The courtroom is located at 201 Caroline, Houston, Texas 77002 on the 14th floor.  

Anyone can attend and sit in on the proceedings.

The 2018 Board
Important Information
Anyone interested in applying for financial assistance at H.A.M.M. please contact H.A.M.M. at information below.  Have to qualify for assistance.  Please apply to see if you qualify.

H.A.M.M Information:
Mailing Address

Humble Area Assistance Ministries
P.O. Box 14051
Humble, Texas 77347

 1302 First Street
Humble, TX 77338

HAAM Social Services Building
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday
8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Appointments Only

Monday to Thursday
12:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Walk-in Hours Only

To schedule an appointment, call
After hours call 211

281-446-3663 Office
281-446-2601 Fax

The Texas Land Grant office is helping with the rebuild of 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom.  The person who contacted me is Dan Kennedy - 877-282-2136. (SHARED INFO FROM A HOMEOWNER)

The Board has prepared a letter that might assist in getting additional funds from FEMA.  If you are trying to apply for additional FEMA money, you can either email me or call me and request a copy of the letter.  I will be sending out a mass email to those people that I have a good email for with the letter attached. I can be reached at or 832.746.6510.

or 1-800-621-3362)
(via Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Power Outage Tracker
(via Centerpoint Energy)

(via Houston Chronicle)

(located at US-59 / I-69 @ San Jacinto River)
(via Harris County Flood Warning System)

Alternate Rain and Flood Gauge
(via National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration &
National Weather Service)

(via Houston TransStar)

Cancelled Per Attorney-Have to mail out notice.
Will Post New Date When Determined
Friday, February 2, 2018
The Overlook
20114  Pinehurst Dr.
Atascocita, TX 77346

Notice 1/23/2018
No further pick ups will be done by the county.  The Board will contact the trash company and see how the trash needs to be bagged in order to be picked up on heavy pickup day.  The Board is also looking at some other options.   Be looking for further info on this matter.   

Please review the Important Information Page for updates on FEMA assistance.  1 13 2018.
Please review all Announcement pages when checking for new Announcements.
Notice of Hearings in the Ann Shirley V Ramblewood POA Case (201683177)
A temporary injunction hearing in the Ann Shirley v Ramblewood POA case (201683177) has been scheduled for January 22, 2018 at 12:00 noon in the 295th Harris County District Court, 201 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002. This hearing relates to the plaintiffs’ efforts to stop the POA election by absentee ballots. This hearing is open to the public to attend and observe

Three hearings in the Ann Shirley v Ramblewood POA case (201683177) have been scheduled for February 12, 2018 at 1:30 pm in the 295th Harris County District Court, 201 Caroline Street, Houston, Texas 77002. These hearings relate to the plaintiffs’ case and whether the case will be allowed to proceed as well as a summary judgment filed by the plaintiffs. These hearings are open to the public to attend and observe.

  1. Court Date 1/15/2018 Cancelled
    The 1/15/2018 court date has been cancelled due to the holiday.  Will update as information is available.

      Garbage Cans

    The number to call to have new garbage cans delivered is:

    Allied Waste  713.948.7600

    Some Attorneys
    Disclaimer:  The Association is not recommending or endorsing any specific firm and the Association is merely providing information to assist owners but the selection of a firm is entirely at the discretion of each owner. 
    Arnold & Itkin LLP

    James Blackwell, III
    Blackwell & Haag P.C.
    4545 Post Oak Place Dr. Suite 365
    Houston, TX 77027

    Class Action Suit

    Charles Fletcher
    Director of Victim Advocacy
    Danziger & De Llanlo LLP
    Arnold & Itkin Law Firm
    (About Potential Inverse Condemation Case) 
    These two attornies have joined in this case.
    These would be individual claims - not class action.
    440 Louisiana St, Suite 1212
    Houston, TX 77002
    Go to Website

    County is supposed to start picking up the trash in RWE today, 9/19/2017
    County had an OOPS!  Had wrong equipment for the clean up.  We will call and get an update on Wednesday.


    Anyone interested in getting a dumpster, contact Rudy Dumpsters at 713.551.6497

    They are giving RWE a special rate of $450 for a 30 Ft dumpster.  This price includes dumping the trash. Just tell them you live in RWE and understand their special rate is $450.


    The Board tried to get dumpsters in the area but were unable to due to the number of dumpsters that we would have to get to even make a dent in the trash.  Do not have enough funds to get them.  You may want to consider talking to your neighbors and several people going in on one dumpster and share the cost.

    Computer Assistance
    If you need someone to check out your computer, contact Ryan Gabbard
    Business:  832.521.8805