February 01 ,2020

Dear Neighbors,

Over two and half years have passed, Ramblewood Estates and most of us are enjoying the rebuild of our homes from the Harvey flood waters and two more small flooding issues that hurt our precious neighbors on Ashwood.  It is time to enjoy our outside activities with our families, friends and neighbors as we continue to clean-up and enjoy the fresh landscape of our beautiful and unique home sites. We have noticed that the majority of the neighbors have cleaned up their lots, painted their homes and made many new improvements to their property over the past year.  Everyone wants to keep this a very “unique atmosphere” in our secluded community of Ramblewood Estates.

This reminder of the Deed Restrictions is being posted on the website: www.ramblewoodestates.com   Click on the “Documents”, then click on “Deed Restrictions”. Please familiarize yourself with the restrictions and take necessary steps to comply with the requirements. If anyone does not have access to the website, please contact the Board and we will make sure you get a copy.

The extended “grace period” was allowed for an extra six months after the last flood from September 2019 and the two-year anniversary date of the flood waters of Harvey.  If any extended circumstances are happening to any homeowners please contact the Board for necessary arrangements before any second and third demand notices are sent out. The Board is here to help you in any way we can, please contact us to discuss any issues that you feel need special attention. Please note that fines and/or legal action may be imposed for noncompliance if you do not contact us.

Thanks to all of those taking those extra steps to make our neighborhood beautiful again and helping your neighbors in need with your sincere neighborly actions!!!

Thank you and God Bless RWE,

Ramblewood Property Owners Association, Inc.

2020 RPOA Board of Directors

Letter from Principal November 29, 2018


Ballots were mailed out on 12/10/2018 for the 2019 Board of Directors election.  Even though there are only five candidates running, we still have to have the lot owners vote.  

If you have not received your ballot/s in the mail, please contact Debra Algeo or Alice Smart and we will give you another ballot/s.  If you have not already sent in your ballot, please do so as soon as possible in order not to miss the January deadline stated in the correspondence you received.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at 832.746.6510 or alice.ramblewood@gmail.com

Merry Christmas!

Dear Humble Elementary School Parents,

We want to inform you of a Stranger-Danger incident that a parent reported to us. Yesterday after school dismissal, a 5th grader was approached on Ashwood Drive near Ramblewood Drive as he walked home from the bus stop. A man working on a neighbor’s driveway approached the student and asked him if he wanted candy. The boy did not respond and felt uneasy, so he kept walking. The man handed him the candy and the boy walked all the way home. The man did not attempt to follow him.

The incident was reported to Humble ISD Police. Officers will patrol the area near our school at dismissal today and tomorrow.

This is a good opportunity to review the following safety tips:

Walk to and from school in groups. 
  • If anything unusual occurs, tell an adult immediately. Time can be critical. 
  • Never talk to strangers or accept rides from them, even if you are stranded. Call a trusted adult for transportation.
  • Be proactive: tour the neighborhood to identify safe and dangerous circumstances and places. Arrange for immediate access to neighbors or other trusted adults who could be contacted in an emergency.
  • Don’t panic. If you are afraid or have a problem, call a parent or a trusted adult.
  • Never tell people at your door, phone callers, or online that you are home alone.
  • Keep your house key hidden. Don’t give it to anyone and don’t keep it in a visible place that would tell people you are going home to an empty house.
  • Never get into a car, enter a home, look for a lost pet or person, or accept food or items from an adult, unless your parents know what you are doing or have identified that person as a trusted emergency contact.
  • Tell a trusted adult – parent, teacher or counselor – if anyone ever makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • Please continue to encourage your children to report any concerns to our school staff, Humble ISD Police (281-641-7900) or through the Humble ISD iHelp app. By working in partnership, we keep our school safe and students focused on learning.

    Thank you for discussing these important points with your child.

    Stacy Trost,


    P. O. Box 163

    Humble, TX 7734


    Notice of Solicitation of Candidates to Serve

    On the 2019 Board


    If you are interested in serving on the RPOA Board of Directors and wish to beplaced on the ballot, please notify Debra A. Algeo by email at rpoasecretary17@gmail.com and Alice Smart at alice.ramblewood@gmail.com no later than December 3, 2018.


    After the Board meeting on December 3, 2018, the floor will be opened for nominations to be added to the ballot to be mailed out to the homeowners.


    PLEASE NOTIFY Debra Algeo and Alice Smart of any address changes as absentee ballots will be mailed out on December 10, 2018 with a return self-stamped/self-addressed envelope for final pickup by the Chairman of the Tabulation Committee for count on January 10, 2019 and the Ballots will be counted/announced at the Annual Meeting that night.

     Contact numbers:

    Debra A. Algeo Cell


    Alice Smart Cell


    6/29/2018 RPOA Board Meeting Canceled

    The American Red Cross is offering financial assistance to homeowners and renters whose primary residence sustained major damage or was destroyed during Hurricane Harvey. 

    You need to go to the Red Cross website: http://www.redcross.org/harveyrecovery.  To seek assistance with your Harvey disaster recovery needs, you can call 2-1-1 or visit 211texas.org to find a Diaster Case Manager in your area.
    Do not wait. Who knows how long the $$ will be available.


    An incident occurred  on Saturday, June 2nd, in Ramblewood.  A lady was walking a dog and a man in a black mini van with tinted windows stopped and grabbed the lady by the arm.  The dog scared the man off. He was a white individual approximately 30 yrs of age weighing around 130 lbs.   He was wearing a hoodie. Police were notified but they were unable to locate the vehicle in the neighbor.  Please watch out for unfamiliar vehicles in the neighborhood.  We still have contractors working and it is easy for unwanted individuals to come in and not be noticed.  Please keep an eye out for vehicles you are not familiar with.  If you see anything looking suspicious, try to get a picture of the license plates and report it to the police.   

    2018 Board of Directs Vote Results
    The Tabulation Committee Chairman, Richard Murray announced the results of the election.
    Adolph Trejo
    Alice Smart
    Debra Algeo
    Thomas Montgomery
    Tom Sartain
    We would like to thank all those individuals who participated in this year's election.

    We would also like to thank Richard Murray for taking on the position of the Tabulation Committee Chairman. 

    No voting at the annual meeting – per the judge. The meeting is only for the counting of the ballots already cast to be counted, and to update the community on other HOA related matters, but no voting will occur. The counting will take place at the meeting but the ballots are to remain confidential. Only the ballots received by the prior deadline will be counted. No more voting is permitted as the deadline has passed. ONLY counting the ballots and announcement of the results will occur regarding the election per the order and instructions from the judge. 





    We invite all members to attend the Association’s annual meeting on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at the following address:


    The Overlook

    20114  Pinehurst Dr.

    Atascocita, TX 77346


    Results of the Deed Restriction Amendment Votes

    The 7 proposed Amendments to the current Deed Restrictions all failed to receive the necessary 81 "yes" votes needed for approval.

    Richard Murray
    Tabulation Chairman

    2017 RPOA Runoff Election Result

    On May 4, 2017 ballots were counted at the Lamb of God Church, Humble, Texas for the 5th director position on the Ramblewood Homeowners Association Board. There were two candidates. 
    The candidate with the most ballots for the Board position was Thomas Montgomery. 
    Thank you, 
    Richard Murray
    Chairman of the Tabulation Committee

    The Board would like to thank everyone that sent in their vote.  


    Adolph Trejo - President
    Jim McQueen - Vice President
    Debra Algeo - Secretary
    Alice Smart - Treasurer
    Thomas Montgomery - Director