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Ramblewood Estates is located in Humble, Texas. The purpose of this site is to share information and provide a way to contact the Property Owners Association.



Ramblewood Property Owners Association, Inc.

Garbage Cans
The number to call to have new garbage cans delivered is:
Allied Waste  713.948.7600

Atascocita Volunteer Fire Dpt Adm Bldg
18425 Timber Forest Dr.
Humble, TX 77346
Tuesday, October 10, 2017
6:30pm to 8P

Garbage Cans
The number to call to have new garbage cans delivered is:
Allied Waste  713.948.7600

Some Attorneys

Disclaimer:  The Association is not recommending or endorsing any specific firm and the Association is merely providing information to assist owners but the selection of a firm is entirely at the discretion of each owner. 

Arnold & Itkin LLP

James Blackwell, III
Blackwell & Haag P.C.
4545 Post Oak Place Dr. Suite 365
Houston, TX 77027
Class Action Suit

Charles Fletcher
Director of Victim Advocacy
Danziger & De Llanlo LLP
Arnold & Itkin Law Firm
(About Potential Inverse Condemation Case)
These two attornies have joined in this case.
These would be individual claims - not class action.
440 Louisiana St, Suite 1212
Houston, TX 77002
Go to Website www.sanjacflood.com
H.G. Contracting & Painting
Henry Gonzalez, Jr - owner
Cell: 713.257.0087
HG_Contracting @yahoo.com
Trustworthy/Reasonable-family friend of Debbie Johnson

County is supposed to start picking up the trash in RWE today, 9/19/2017
9/19 - County had an OOPS!!  Had wrong equipment.  Will be back.  We will need to call on Wed and  get an update.

Anyone interested in getting a dumpster, contact Rudy Dumpsters at 713.551.6497
They are giving RWE a special rate of $450 for a 30 Ft dumpster.  This price includes dumping the trash. Just tell them you live in RWE and understand their special rate is $450.

The Board tried to get dumpsters in the area but were unable to due to the number of dumpsters that we would have to get to even make a dent in the trash.  Do not have enough funds to get them.  You may want to consider talking to your neighbors and several people going in on one dumpster and share the cost.

The Board is planning on having a Home Owners' meeting when we get confirmation on some people that we plan to have at the meeting.  We plan to have an attorney to discuss class action law suit and someone who is involved with an organization that helps retired vets and disabled elderly rebuild at no charge.  We do not have all the facts yet but we are planning on all answers being addressed at the meeting.

As soon as we are finalized on a date and time, we will post the meeting information. 

We would also like for people  to submit questions/concerns that you have to the Board prior to the meeting so we can prepare answers for those questions prior to the meeting.  Please send your questions via email to Alice Smart at alice.ramblewood@gmail.com or text to 832.746.6510.  I will be organizing the list to give to the Board. Please submit your questions/concerns by this Thursday to allow the Board to discuss and prepare responses for the meeting.

This has been a very  trying time for all of us.  We all want the trash gone and our lives back.  The Board has been communicating with the county commissioner about the trash.  RWE is on the list.  We have not been able to get a definite date for pick up.  What I would suggest is that we all put whatever bags of trash that we can into our trash containers so at least some of the lighter trash can be picked up on Monday and Thursday each week.  I know it won't make much of a dent but at least some of the trash can be picked up. Be sure your containers are by the road away from the trash so they can be picked up.  The trash collectors will not manually pick up the trash.

Prayers going out to everyone!  Be safe!
The 2017 Board

Computer Assistance
If you need someone to check out your computer, call Ryan Gabbard
Business:  832.521.8805

Hurricane Harvey Information

As everyone is aware there is a hurricane due to hit land around Corpus Christi in the next 36 hours.  Stay updated by the local news.  Being in the affected area you may want to exercise an abundance of caution by stocking up on extra water, non-perishable foods, fuel, candles and batteries; Ensure that your motor vehicles are fueled as delivery to local fuel stations may potentially be disrupted in the short term.  Please secure all outdoor furniture and materials to reduce the potential damage to your home.  We cannot be certain where exactly this storm will land or how it will behave after making landfall.  Additional updates will be posted shortly.  Prayers for everyone's safety.

The 2017 Board.

Post-Hurricane Harvey Laundry Services

The Assembly of God Church is offering a laundry service for people in the neighborhood. They just need to put the wet clothes in bags with their names written on the bags and drop them off at the church. An individual will be picking it up and washing them and returning them to the church. They will need to contact Pastor Weston Berry to arrange the drop off/pick up. His number is 713-449-0280

Post-Hurricane Harvey Meeting Announcement

Community Message forwarded on behalf of Board - Organized and set up by Debra Algeo. Meeting Sat., 9/2/17 @ noon Lamb of God Church PROFESSIONAL DEMO/knows the legal outs and Insurance Companies to help RWE. Flood Restoration Meeting for RWE. The company is licensed to help anyone interested and will provide all info needed to start cleaning and reconstruction of homes. GOD BLESS YOU ALL - SEE EVERYONE THERE.

Speaker from:
U S Construction Services

Major flooding has occurred in our area but it is currently receding.  Due to hazards presented by debris, currents and compromised road surfaces please avoid driving through standing waters.  NOAA estimates indicate that for our neighborhood that flood waters along San Jacinto - West Fork will recede to 52.9 feet tonight and 51.1 feet Saturday morning; this will mark the end of major flooding for San Jacinto River - West Fork in our stretch of the river, however, it is still expected to remain in lesser flood stages until tomorrow evening.

Walmart in Humble near Deerbrook Mall will open tomorrow at 8 in the morning; the Kroger next door is open for the time being but long queues exist to enter.  Stores in Atascocita also appear to be open.  For eating the Humble IHOP (limited menu) and McDonalds off the US-59/I-69 and FM-1960 are open.

Applications for FEMA assistance can be completed http://www.disasterassistance.gov/ or  1-800-621-FEMA (3362).   Deadline for completing this paperwork is two months from the declaration of disaster (2017.Aug.25).  Apply early to avoid delays in assistance. 


Important Information

or 1-800-621-3362)
(via Federal Emergency Management Agency)

Power Outage Tracker
(via Centerpoint Energy)

(via Houston Chronicle)

(located at US-59 / I-69 @ San Jacinto River)
(via Harris County Flood Warning System)

Alternate Rain and Flood Gauge
(via National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration &
National Weather Service)

(via Houston TransStar)