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Musing meRamaswamy Ranganathan

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Nick: Samy (derived from 'swamy')


"Life is a roller coaster ride" they say and its been nothing less for me. Everything good and bad happened for a reason. I wouldn't be who I am without them all, and I am happy for it. Looking back, I wouldn't want life to have been any other way :);.

For I am the integral sum of all thats been my in life -  Samy χ Life (spare the correctness of the mathematial notation). Enough of melodrama!

I was born in Mayavaram ("senthangudi" village) in '81 and brought up all my life in 'Singara' Chennai (former Madras). Having grown up here most of my life, there is no other place in the world I would call home. Look past its grotesques and you would find it is one of the best places offering a good balance of personal, professional and social life.

Did my entire schooling at Jawahar Vidyalaya Sr. Sec. School (Class of 1998), Ashok Nagar, Chennai. During my early schooling days I indulged in painting and music, and was even part of my school choir till the end. I got started on computers with a course at HiTech Computers, West Mambalam during the summer of '93. With my raging obsession for programming since I ended up in our team representing India at CSI-SEARCC'97 Intenational Students Programming Competition. It certainly was a moment of greatest pride and honour for having represented my country.

I did my Engineering at S.C.S.V.M.V (Deemed University) Enathur, Kanchipuram. Apart from academics my greatest reward were the friends I met who helped change my outlook. From a mere fixation over solving problems on a PC quickly (characteristic of competetions) I moved over to looking at the larger picture. Programming has never since been a question of just how to but rather how better to. From raster graphics in TurboC (during my schooling) to CGI esp. in gaming (during college) using OpenGL and DirectX, the journey is unforgettable. Memorable are those days when we used discuss all night long despite our pre-final exams the following day; visiting fellow students shunning with an expression of - "Hopeless, these Nerds are grrr" :D. It was during internship that my interest took a swerve towards Compilers (more specifically parsers). Despite the recession which began in '03 I got an offer from the organization where I had completed my internship, my gateway to the industry and into Systems Domain.

The industry might have changed a lot in me, bending me into its ways. Nevertheless I have managed to keep on with my urge for research and finding interesting ways of doing things. My 1st job truly fueled the enthusiasm in me characteristic of most freshmen, but over time the lack focus (given to short project lifespan) took over. It was former Synergy Infotech Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore (since acquired by Sonim Technologies) which gave me much needed focus and helped shape me in the industry. I worked under the able guidance of our CEO, Dr.R.K.Kulkarni (a compiler enthusiast himself) who has since turned to be my mentor. Without any second thoughts I would certainly brand my tenure at Synergy as the best part of my career as yet; I so miss those days. For personal reasons I returned to chennai joining HCL Technologies Ltd. - Technologies Division. Here I got exposure to most walks of SDLC - right from requirements capture, design, development, to testing and maintenance. Ones perspective of solving problem grows so much in the process, giving you a larger view of the practicalities. To squeeze in good research entailed overload, but the results were usually well worth the effort and more of a personal satiety. With certainty being favoured over well a good approach I risked my reputation many times. HCL has been a true CMM-5 experience ;) as I finally managed to maintain a good work-life balance as much. Finally I decided to be proactive and reclaim my personal life as well, not making my profession an excuse any longer.

Having lost touch with fine arts for a long time, against all odds (professional pressure mostly) I started learning Carnatic (South Indian Classical) Violin at CARVA under the tutelage of C.A.Rajasekhar since December '04. The joy I get from learning the Violin is immense given to the satiety of having learnt something (but from profession) and the guru acknowledging it indirectly, and to the bubbly atmosphere of the CARVA people. Did I forget to mention that it is my ultimate stress-buster, never failing to leave me tranquil and with a smile? Now it is more than an indulgence for a respite. Its a lifetime commitment to a fine art.

I have worked in the industry for little over four years now and am looking forward to getting back to academics which I had to forgo for personal reasons. Not content with things as they are, constant nudging from my mentor (to no longer squander or live below my potential) and no liabilities at sight :) I have moved from being just a software engineer to chase my dreams.

What would become of me? I do not know for certain but I do know that I am undefeated until I give up. I'd never give up on research or with finding swanky ways of doing things. A few acknowledgements / appreciations for a truly original idea can be very gratifying for ones creative side :). Only time will tell as to whether I am what I think I am.

- Samy