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Welcome To My Homepage!

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I am Ramaswamy Ranganathan a.k.a. Samy by my buddies, given to their laziness and fancy for short names :)).

I live in Chennai and am a Software Engineer by profession; well until recently i.e. ;), now wanting to make more out of life.

Here you'll find infomation as to what I did, I do and milestones of my journey henceforth in life.

Code Corner

No formalism or theme here unlike the next ;). Just code that I felt would prove handy to fellow programmers.

Idioms & Patterns of Programming

Over these years I have noticed that some niche usage of programming language that can be such time savers and add a lot to design as well. These are solutions that I came up during my work or I bumped into and found worth a notice.

» I do not delve into conventional Idioms / Programming Patterns here since there are plenty of resources on them available on the web.

My Interests

I'v had a passion for programming for over the last hmmm 8-| ... 14 years now; thats more than half of my life ;). I take interest in two topics usually - CGI Graphics and Parsers. I usually play games not for the gameplay but to observe the graphics and special effects, Commandos being an exception. Photo-Realistic rendering techniques and those attuned to real-time rendering of compelling scenes were my favourite. Though I never went past the theory but for petty demos. Parsers on the other hand enticed me given to their mathematical nature. Laborious as it may be, taming a notorious grammar is fun galore. I am yet to dwelve into the backend of compilers, immediate interest being generation of high-level language source code.

Apart from work, I waste few hours a week with blogs (non-technical) for amusement. I used to be a big fan of western music (pop, rock n all those) but am now only in for a niche few of my all time favourites. I have come to become a big fan of Carnatic Classical over the last two years, and am now learning the violin. One amongst the most difficult string instruments to learn, the challenge keeps my mind from crossing into insanity :)). And I usually go about rescheduling anything for a Kutcheri. December season in chennai is every reason to be here. Being amongst the crowd fleeting early from office to catch the mavens perform during the season makes the atmosphere electric.

Otherwise I enjoy driving my Classic 150cc Pulsar, though I prefer to enjoy the drive responsibly (esp. since I ended up grounded for 3 months). Nothing like the wind on you during a long drive and rev's up.

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