Every Great Hero Has A Supreme Enemy
Rama's final battle with Ravana as told in four acts.
By Amina Benalioulhaj

“It is the very mind itself 
That leads the mind astray; 
Of the mind, do not be mindless!” 

- Takuan Sōhō, The Unfettered Mind

The incense has been lit and the ablutions performed. An empty, candle-lit room echoes with the deep sound of chanting. Night has cast its shadow over the world as Rama sits, legs folded, eyes closed, focused deeply in meditation. 

In this room we find ourselves inside of Rama’s very own mind. And it is inside of Rama’s mind that the greatest battle ever fought will take place. Rama’s obstacle, the demon king Ravana, the tormentor of the universe, has come here, slipping in quietly to pay a visit.

Here, the imagination takes flight as the mind plays many tricks. As if he were looking into a mirror, Rama opens his eyes and stares back at Ravana, seated directly across from him in similar form. Peacefully, quietly, they both close their eyes. The battle begins.


Image Information: Meditation

Image Source: Caravan of Dreams