Ramunas Navalinskas





Hello, my name is Ramunas. Welcome to a place where you can find something about me.

I cannot tell you who I am, because it is up to you to decide. But I can tell you what I did in my life, few bits about my profession and hobbies. Feel free to explore menu on the left, but for those in a hurry short summary is below:

Bits & Pieces

Name: Ramunas Navalinskas
Birthday: 1977.07.16
Sex: male
Marrital status: single
Occupation: Software Architect/Analyst for OMNITEL, Lithuania
E-mail: ramasn@gmail.com


2001: master's degree in Informatics at Mathematics Faculty of Vilnius University

1999: bachelor's degree in Business Administration & Management at Economics Faculty of Vilnius University

Current occupation

Employer: OMNITEL, Lithuania. It is the largest mobile operator in the Baltic States.

Position: lead developer for companies Rating system, used for rating GSM & other "telco" services.