Ramana Vidya Peedam Ashram

A place for holistic living and self-enquiry

Ramana Vidya Peedam Ashram was founded by Swami Sahajananada in 1988 at Tiruchuzhi , at the birth place of Sri Ramana Maharishi, about  50Kms from south of Madurai. This Ashram is a place for Holistic Living and Self Enquiry.

Swami Sahajananda was a man of true love, wisdom and compassion. He lived and demonstrated the highest values that we hold dear, yearn for and cherish.

His teachings are unique being whole and complete, touching all aspects of human life.
This Ashram is situated on the banks of the sacred Kaundinya river.
Baghwan Ramana Maharishi 
Swami Anandananda and Swami Sahajananda(Founder) 
Swami Sethuramji and Ma Narmadha