Rama Kumar Pasumarthi


I am currently pursuing Masters in Language Technology in School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.
Solving exciting problems in ML/NLP applied on large scale datasets!

My research interests are in Big Data Analytics, Scalable Machine learning, Convex and Submodular Optimization applied in areas such as Graph mining, text analytics and Social Network Analysis.

Update: Paper on "Targeted Influence Maximization through a Social Network" accepted at NIPS workshop 2015.

Update: Our recent research track submission to Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining 2014, on "A Bayesian Framework for Estimating Properties of Network Diffusions" was accepted! 
More about the paper here: Publications

I pursued my Bachelors and Masters at Indian institute of Technology, Madras from the department of Electrical Engineering.

I previously worked as a Research Engineer at Big Data Labs, American Express; and in the Business Analytics and Math Sciences department, IBM India Research Lab, Bangalore, India. 



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