I will come to your department at a time convenient to your staff to take individual portraits. These portraits will then be placed into a collage designed to reflect your agencies personality. You will help to design the layout of the collage and when you are happy with the final product, a 20 X 30 will be supplied to your department to display. The cost for the 20 X 30 is listed below and is in addition to the cost for the photo session. Each employee will be able to purchase their own portrait in various sizes as well as the collage of the department in a size they prefer.  

            The initial cost for the photo session will be $40 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. The cost for prints are as follows;

                                           20 X 30  -  $60.00
                                           16 X 24  -  $40.00
                                           11 X 14  -  $20.00
                                             8 X 10  -  $10.00
                                         2 -  5 X 7  -  $10.00

For more information or to set up a photo session, please contact me at;