During the month of May - we take the time in our communities to remember those Law Enforcement Officers who have been killed in the line of duty. 



I barely knew him, I was a rookie you see.

Looking in the casket I thought, How could this be?

This should not be his time, but his body’s now cold.

Due to a joy ride by a fifteen year old.

We stood at attention as family and friends

Stepped up to say bye, acknowledge the end.

I gave no thought to the hazards that be.

More careful am I, that will never be me.


Still working the beat after twenty long years.

Would like to think skill, though shear luck it appears.

Attended more funerals over this time now past.

As taps is played I think everyone asks.

Why did this happen? Explain this to me.

Why should he die to keep society free?

There’s never an answer, only more tears.

Watching a family face its worst fear.


A dangerous business, that’s a fact.

Decisions in seconds, how to react?

Then others take weeks on end.

Telling you how things should have been.

Dispatch says, “unknown problem”.

Your job is to find and solve them.

What’s behind that door? Who’s behind the wheel?

Place your fears on hold, even if they’re real.


Street Survival, those are key words.

Don’t let those bad boys enter your world.

Watch for the hazards, don’t play the fool.

Expect the unexpected, it CAN happen to you.

When it hits the fan, be ready, stay alive.

Remember your training,  “I will survive”.

The most important thing to family and friends

Is that you make it home safe, after your shift ends.




By  Robert A. Makley 1998